author picI’m so excited to be embarking on my next series, called Revolutionary Women. America’s beginnings are best viewed through the lens of the ordinary men and women who lived during extraordinary times, and how each rose to the challenge. We forget sometimes that most of the people who forged the country of what is now the United States were not people of privilege and wealth but were hard-working citizens who demanded a better way of life. That’s what I tried to portray in these books. I hope you’ll enjoy immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of the Revolutionary War.

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 "Becky Lower . . . hits a home run. She can take a character that I absolutely have no time for and dread reading about and make me adore her.”--The Reading Cafe

“Very few books have ever made me snot cry, this was one of those books.”--Loves All Things Books

“This book was beautifully written.”--Romance Bookworm

This is one of those reads that left me smiling." --4 stars, Romantic Historical Reviews

"Now that I've had a taste, I will be reading more from this talented author."--4 stars, Book Obsessed Chicks

"Becky Lower has an exceptional voice for historical romance, layering in colorful historical details that truly allowed me to be transported to 19th century America."--4 stars, Night Owl Reviews

"Becky Lower has mastered a fascinating style that transports the reader … she doesn’t make you feel like you've just crash landed in another time, but rather that you belong there with her characters."--4 stars, Fic Central